Scarborough Toyota Scion was established in 1979 and it has since grown to become the premier Toyota Scion dealership in the Toronto region. Our message is one of unwavering commitment to the Toyota brand and our core value of putting our customers first.

Whether you are looking for the all new reliable family sedan or a rugged truck for your adventures, an innovative Hybrid, or a quality used vehicle, our Knowledgeable Sales Team can help you find the right vehicle to suite your needs.

Scarborough Toyota Service Department expert technicians are factory trained and Toyota Certified. Scarborough Toyota delivers fast, efficient and reliable service every time.
Please utilize our various online resources and allow our excellent network of people to put you in your ideal car, truck or SUV. Come visit us today!

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What's New at Scarborough Toyota Scion

Good Cars for University Students


Reliable Cars for Students

School can be stressful, but one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is your car. You have classes, exams, meetings, projects and even jobs so the last thing you want to do is add one more worry to your daily schedule. That’s why we’re here to help you find the most reliable cars for students. Having a vehicle is helpful to get where you need to go and you shouldn’t have to worry about it breaking down and leaving you stranded. (more…)

Benefits of Winter Tires


When should you switch to winter tires?

Autumn might have just arrived, but it’s already time to start thinking about winter. It isn’t always fun to think about, but it’s better to be prepared for the harsh weather to come. One way to prepare for the snowy months ahead is by switching your vehicle’s tires to winter tires. Many drivers aren’t sure when to switch to winter tires, which is why Scarborough Toyota Scion is here to help. (more…)

The 2016 Toyota Corolla is here!


2016 Toyota Corolla in Scarborough ON

Believe it or not, a new year is right around the corner, which means that new vehicles are starting to arrive here at Scarborough Toyota Scion. It is always exciting when we get new model years in stock so we want to share these exciting arrivals with you as soon as possible. Today we’re going to take a closer look at the 2016 Toyota Corolla, which you can get now in Scarborough, ON. (more…)

Toyota Tundra Towing Capacity


What can the Toyota Tundra Tow?

Before buying a new pickup truck, you probably want to do some research first. Car shoppers looking for a truck most likely want something that is powerful with impressive performance capabilities and an affordable price tag. It is important to make sure that a vehicle can handle whatever you might throw at it. One exciting option on the market is the Toyota Tundra, but how much can it tow? (more…)

New Traffic Laws in Toronto


What are the new traffic laws in Toronto?

Recently it was announced that Ontario drivers will have some new road rules to follow. The changes already went into affect August 31, so it’s important to be aware of them so you don’t end up with some expensive fines. Today we’re going to help you learn everything there is to know about the new traffic laws in Toronto. (more…)

Toyota Roadside Assistance in Scarborough ON


Toyota Roadside Assistance in Scarborough ON

Owning a vehicle can be stressful at times. No matter how careful you are, there is always a chance that something can go wrong. The best thing you can do, is be prepared for when that happens. One way to be prepared, is by having a backup plan, like some kind of roadside assistance. Luckily, when you own a Toyota, any model or year, you qualify for Toyota Roadside Assistance. This program is available to you as a 12 month renewable membership and has many benefits to you as a driver. (more…)