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Lease Supercenter

Scarborough Toyota is GTA’s Lease Supercenter, providing the best and most diverse options for your leased car of any make and model. Whether you want to break the lease early, return the leased car, buy and own the leased vehicle, transfer to a new Toyota lease, or appraise your vehicle, we are here for you! We will help you transfer and drive your dream Toyota.


Can I End My Lease Early?

Absolutely yes and we are here for you! There are several options:
OPTION 1: Sell the leased vehicle to Scarborough Toyota. Scarborough Toyota will buy back your leased vehicle at a competitive price even if it's another make or car brand. Our process is simple and swift, helping you in the early lease termination process.
OPTION 2: Break the lease early to transfer to your new desired Toyota. We understand that changes happen within the lease period, either work, family, or business and you need a new Toyota vehicle that best suits your needs. We will appraise your current leased vehicle and help you transfer it to your desired Toyota vehicle. Talk to us and we will assist you with the processes.

My Lease Is Ending Soon. What Are My Options?

Preparing for the end of your lease. As you head into the final 90 days of your lease, there are steps to take and decisions to make. Rest assured Scarborough Toyota is here to help guide you through the process. We value your business and look forward to supporting your future vehicle finance and mobility needs. Three simple options when your lease term has ended:
OPTION 1: You may lease or finance another Toyota vehicle at Scarborough Toyota. Get a newer model of what you're already driving or try a completely different Toyota, let us know your choice. Explore new models online at and schedule a test drive. Own newer models with a fresh design look, latest technology, and safety features (Toyota Safety Sense). Call Scarborough Toyota dealership or your Product Advisor for any loyalty options or the latest promos offered.
OPTION 2: You may return the vehicle at Scarborough Toyota as provided in your lease. Aiming to explore other car brands? Hey, we understand and Scarborough Toyota will be here for you if you ever decide to come back. For now, simply bring your vehicle back to your dealer by lease-end.  Ensure all contracted payments and miscellaneous fees are paid to Toyota Financial Services. Review the Excess Wear and Use Guidelines and make necessary repairs.
OPTION 3: You may purchase the vehicle at the Lease End Value indicated on your contract.  All that's left to do is get a payoff quote or if you need financing, call our dealership and speak with our Financial Managers.

How to Sell Your Leased Vehicle to Scarborough Toyota

If you would like to end your car Lease early or return your vehicle, please fill out the form below. One of our Managers will be in contact with you to start the process.

Please note that select vehicle brands do not allow other brands to purchase their currently leased-out vehicle. The following brands will need their leased cars to be returned to their own dealerships: Ford, GMC, Buick, Lincoln, Cadillac, Chevrolet

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    RETURNING YOUR VEHICLE AT SCARBOROUGH TOYOTA AT LEASE END                                          

    I. BEFORE YOUR RETURN                          

    •Examine possible excessive wear and use on your vehicle and make any necessary repairs.                                

    •At 60 days to lease maturity, call Scarborough Toyota to book for vehicle inspection.                        

    •Work with Scarborough Toyota, or other reputable service providers to make any necessary repairs to your vehicle to help reduce the likelihood of excess wear and tear charges, including repairs covered by insurance, recalls, and winter tires replacements (if applicable).


    • Bring the following to your inspection and lease-return appointments:                

    • Toolkit and spare tire, if applicable.  

    • All sets of keys (masters/remotes/valet), if applicable.                                                      

    • Owner’s Manuals  

    • Any original equipment on your vehicle at lease inception (radio, headrests, 3rd row seat, tonneau/cargo cover, etc.)                                                                                                                                          

    •Ask the dealer to record the mileage, and don’t forget to sign the Odometer Disclosure Statement and ask for a copy.


    III. AT THE DEALERSHIP                      

    • Confirm that Scarborough Toyota will accept the return.                    

    • Remove any personal belongings from the vehicle, and delete personal data from GPS, Bluetooth, and Toyota Connect Services if applicable.                                                    

    • Ensure all original equipment (keys, fobs, manuals, all-season tires, ownership, etc.) and any other items that came with the vehicle are present and operational at the time of return.

    • Provide copies of maintenance records, recall and/or invoices for repairs completed post-vehicle inspection.                                                                                                                                                     

    • Satisfy all remaining financial, and other obligations.                  

    • Sign vehicle returns receipt and keeps a copy for your records.                  

    • Sign an odometer statement and ask for a copy for your records.                                                      

    • If you did not complete an inspection prior to returning, one will be completed within a few days of your return. 


    EXCESSIVE WEAR AND USE EXAMPLES                      

    If you’re not sure if you need an inspection, take a look at some of the items that may be considered excessive wear and use:    


    • A single dent greater than the size of a credit card                                    

    • Previous repairs performed poorly or unrepaired collision damage                                      

    • Any holes in exterior panels (bumpers, door panels, etc.)


    TIRES, WHEELS AND WHEEL COVERS                          

    • Tires with exposed cords or sidewall damage              

    •Tires or wheels that do not meet manufacturer’s guidelines for safe operation                                            

    •Missing or damaged wheel covers •Wheel gouges scratches, dents, or cracks greater than the size of a credit card


    GLASS AND LIGHTS                  

    • Windshield cracks, stars or bullseye                                    

    • Damaged, broken or poorly installed glass                                                        

    • Bent, broken or missing lights, turn signals, mirrors or lamps    

    SEAT AND TRIM                          

    • A single cut, tear, burn or stain greater than the size of a credit card             


    EQUIPMENT, PARTS AND ACCESSORIES                                                                                      

    • Missing keys/remotes                                            

    • Missing parts or accessories (shifter knobs, head rests, tonneau/cargo cover, etc.)                                            

    • Inoperative, malfunctioning or broken parts or equipment                                              

    • Any modifications not on the vehicle at lease inception


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