A Note About Our Toyota Pricing

At Scarborough Toyota, we strive to ensure your shopping experience is as easy as possible. One of the ways we do this is to make sure you're an informed shopper. You might wonder why our new vehicle prices appear higher than some starting prices featured on Toyota's national ads.
As an OMVIC compliant dealership, we are required to display "all in pricing", as in we are required to show the price you pay less taxes, licencing and any accesories you may choose to buy. This means the price you see includes freight, PDI and other various fees associated with purchasing your new Toyota. Take a look at the examples below to see how our pricing breaks down.

Toyota Corolla CE Std Package

Corolla CE 6M: Standard Package

MSRP: $16,790
Freight and Delivery: $1,645
OMVIC: $10
Environmental Fees: $17.50

Environmental Fees:

Total: $18,562

Toyota Rav4 LE

RAV4 LE FWD: Standard Package

MSRP: $27,750
Freight and Delivery: $1,815
OMVIC: $10
Environmental Fees: $17.50
AC Tax: 100

Total: $29,692

Toyota Corolla LE

Camry L: Standard Package

MSRP: $26,590
Freight and Delivery: $1,745
OMVIC: $10
Environmental Fees: $17.50
AC Tax: 100

Total: $28,462

We also deduct Toyota Cash Incentives where applicable from our final cost. As these change from month to month, our online prices will also change. For example, if the incentive is $500, then the advertised price will be less $500. Cash incentives are for cash purchases and cannot be paired with lease or finance transactions.




MSRP Stand for manufacturers suggested retail price. This is the base price of a vehicle model that is set nationally for every dealer before regional costs and fees are applied.


Freight and Delivery

Freight and delivery is the cost for Toyota Canada to ship your vehicle to our store. Freight and delivery is added to the base MSRP and not included in the base price because it varies by region based on distance from the factory.



This is the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council. They are the regulator of the automotive industry in the province and ultimately exist to protect consumers and work with dealers to ensure regulatory compliance and create a fair and transparent market place. OMVIC is a non-government organization that helps to enforce several provincial trading regulations which are specific to the automotive industry. One notable example is the all in pricing that we are discussing now.


Environmental Fees

On new vehicles, the manufacturers are required to pay environmental processing fees to the provincial government to assist with the cost of disposing of spent batteries, tires, etc. These costs are then passed from dealer to end consumer.


Air Conditioning Tax

On new vehicles, some dealers may charge an Air Conditioning Recovery Fee. The actual tax is paid by the manufacturer to the federal government at the time the vehicle is sent to the dealer. The manufacturer sometimes passes this cost on to the dealer separate from the MSRP of the vehicle and the dealer then passes the cost along to the consumer. This is part of the price the dealer is asking for the vehicle and not a consumer tax.