Fleet Services

The Toyota Fleet Guide, available in PDF format, provides valuable information and detailed summaries on Toyota's full line of vehicles.



Did you know that Toyota vehicles, Canada's top-selling retail passenger cars*, are now available for Fleet? Toyota vehicles have long been considered an industry benchmark in terms of quality and reliability, two key components that are critical to life-cycle costs. Toyota's commitment to design, exceptional performance, fuel-efficiency and high resale value has never been more evident then in the 2011 model lineup. We are confident that no matter what the task, you will find within our full range of vehicles, a model that will meet and exceed the needs of your business Fleet.

Choosing Toyota for your Fleet can help to address volatile energy costs and environmental concerns. Hybrid vehicles require less fuel to travel the same distance as their non-hybrid counterparts**. This efficient use of energy makes environmental AND economic sense. The Camry Hybrid, Highlander Hybrid, and the ecoENERGY award winning Toyota Prius, set new standards for performance and reliability in gasoline/electric hybrid vehicles.

Toyota trucks also make for rugged, dependable business partners in your Fleet. Toyota trucks are put through the paces in some of the most gruelling conditions worldwide and continue to prove themselves reliable and tough in many diverse scenarios. Both the Tacoma and Tundra come equipped with the necessary power and versatility for jobs large and small.

Not only does Toyota provide you with the best products available, but when the time comes to renew your Fleet, few manufacturers can match the desirability and dollar value of a used Toyota. Your investment in a Toyota vehicle also results in superior customer satisfaction year after year.

So make the smart choice for your business - choose a Toyota vehicle for your Fleet.

* Claims based on 2008 Canadian industry retail sales reporting figures for light passenger vehicles, R.L. POLK Canada Inc., November 25th, 2008

** Claims are with respect to comparisons against similarly equipped conventional gasoline powered vehicles. Based on North American sales data, Federal Tier 2 engine emission standards